Irish Red and White Setter puppies born on 01.02.2016 in Whitehead, N. Ireland.


Probably the best family dog in the world! Fun, intelligent dogs with character and charm.

Latest update as of 6th February 2017:  The puppies were all born healthy yet again, we are very thankful! Happy, healthy and beautiful, we couldn´t ask for more. See the BLOG for more photos and info.


Latest update as of 20th February 2017: The puppies have transformed into bundles of fun and cuteness. Barking, learning to walk, eating solids... It is so much fun. Ruby has surpassed herself yet again, she is a fabulous mother, even better on her second litter as she now has experience. 

Latest update as of 17th March (St Patrick´s Day!): We have been on several excursions to the beach and to my dad´s garden, the puppies are relaxed in the car and come when called when out and about. They are curious, interested in everything and fearful of nothing!

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