All puppies with their new families

Puppies have gone around the world again. This time Finnland, USA, Northern Ireland, Vienna, Graz, Bregenz and Salzburg. We have kept Berry and are really enjoying having her just for ourselves now.We are SO VERY happy with how they have developed. They are very relaxed, amazing for 10 week old puppies, have adjusted without any problems to their new environments, are fearless, are sociable without being pushy with other dogs, are gentle (if a bit over exhuberant sometimes!) with young children. On top of that, Berry comes reliably when whistled or called (!!!), is very clean and almost house trained, walks to heel, sits on command, she is AWESOME. I have already conditioned her to the clicker and she is a smart cookie, responding brilliantly to training.

Berry´s first day on the beach without her siblings

Whitehead, Northern Ireland

Children and puppies all getting ready for the road trip to Salzburg

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