March 21, 2016

A very charming, handsome chap, going to a fabulous, loving home.



March 19, 2016

Archibald is still the biggest puppy. Here he is, our big boy.




March 19, 2016

Now Annabella is 7 weeks old and is delightfully playful and lovely.

Annabella at a few weeks old was the loudest, most upfront puppy. She´s a wild one!


March 19, 2016

 Annie is now 7 weeks old and she is definitely the quietest puppy who likes nothing more than a good cuddle.

Here is Annie when she was just a few weeks old. Annie was the last born, last but not least! 



March 19, 2016

Aurora, our golden girl, is playful, fun and very pretty.



March 11, 2016

Assuntas owners came to visit today to see how she is getting on, and what a change since 2 weeks ago!

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