Irish Setters and our story

​I (the human mummy) was brought up with Irish Red Setters in Northern Ireland. When I was a teenager our lovely Cherry had a litter of pups, so between puppies and my horse (lucky me!) I was very much surrounded by animal friends. 

After moving to Austria and starting a family, whilst expecting the 2nd daughter, I felt now the time was right to look for the right dog to be a part of our growing wee family.

What is the right dog for us? An Irish Setter of course, so off we went to Ireland to look for the "one". I didn´t think of the red and whites until meeting up with one in Donegal and being bowled over by his beauty and temperament. THIS is the right dog!

David Byrne in Dublin, just by luck, had one bitch left from a new litter and was willing to part with her on the prerequisite that I would breed from her one day in Austria, thus spreading the ancient Irish Red and White Setter breed further afield.

So off we went back home, I, 8 months pregnant, my 1 year old daughter and 15 week old puppy going from Ireland to Austria using 2 ferry boats, numerous trains, a taxi, briefly hitchhiking and the London Underground. A super crash course in socialisation for a pup! She was brave and open, no problem at all, and was even already house trained, awesome.

She has continued as she started off, a sensitive, athletic, brave, gentle, elegant, courageous, intelligent, happy dog with an extreme joie de vivre. She can turn a paw to anything, from babysitting on the Path of Saint James where her main job was to pull the babies in their all terrain pram up the hills on the 800km pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela, to walking up the grouse on the high gamekeepered moors above Ballymena.

Ruby is also a wonderful therapy dog, giving non-judgmental empathy to those who need it and unconditional love to all.

Her first litter of eleven healthy, beautiful puppies was born 30.01.2016. She was a perfect mother to them and they turned out all so very lovely, so we have decided to have another litter, born 01.02.2017. I am even more in awe of her than ever!



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